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Knack II 


I used my own spending money to purchase Knack II on the Playstation 4. The PR people for Sony were not capable of replying to any of the requests Family Friendly Gaming put in. They also failed to respond to the massive amounts of coverage Family Friendly Gaming did for them on this game. Ungrateful, unprofessional, and unthankful come to mind. Thankfully Knack II is part of Sony’s new $40.00 brand new program. So that means it did not sting as bad having to purchase a copy of it. It would be nice if Sony's PR and Marketing people were capable of finding the reply button in email programs though. I think they are discriminating against us because we are Christians.

Knack II is better than the original Knack in almost every single way. Two family members can now play Knack II. There is drop in and drop out features in this home console video game. There are quick time events, fighting areas, puzzle areas, and jumping areas. Knack can learn a lot of different attacks and he can level up on grid. There are still cool secrets to find. Yellow crystals give us extra life. There are multiple difficulty settings. I will work on having a review of Knack II in the really cool Family Friendly Gaming issue #124. I hope you like my review. You can send in your feedback after reading it. I like the Knack series and had fun playing this Playstation 4 video game.
{10/07/2017} - Kid Gamer


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