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Ever have one of those days? I am having one of those weeks. We requested a reviewable copy of Switchblade expecting it to be the full and complete finished video game. After we downloaded the 2.5 gig video game we found it is in early access. Ya'll know how I feel about video game companies expecting us to be their unpaid QA Analysts. Did I find bugs and glitches in Switchblade? Yes I did. Will I report them? Not until I am paid for that exact work. Sorry Lucid I am tired of being abused and taken advantage of. The hard work we have done since Family Friendly Gaming was created has helped numerous companies make all kinds of money. Guess how many share their massive profits to show they are thankful for the hard work we did that make that all that money?

The servers available when I played Switchblade are Europe, Asia, and North America. The tutorial must be played in Switchblade before Co-Op vs AI, Competitive Ranked, Quick Play, Invite Player, or Broadcaster. The vehicles look nice in Switchblade. The menu screens are really cool. They have an almost VR look and feel to them. The voice is nice but gets obnoxious after so many repetitions, Other options in Switchblade are Collection, Customize, Stats, and Twitch. When we die in Switchblade we go to an area above and can upgrade things. We can upgrade in the game as well. We must escort mobs (little robot vehicles) past sentries to the towers. There they will knock down the wall of the tower. Then the player can shoot the core. So you can be offensive or defensive in this 5 v 5 vehicle combat game. Switchblade needs some more maps. I felt the matches were a bit long. There were too many towers to take down in my opinion. Switchblade is on the PC and PS4 right now.
- Paul


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