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MotoGP 18  


I am so glad Family Friendly Gaming purchased a copy of MotoGP 18 on the Nintendo Switch. A copy from the UK was used for this review. Did you catch Paul’s Twitch stream? Be sure to follow FFG on Twitch. The modes in MotoGP 18 are Career, Quick Modes, Local Play, MotoGP ID, and Rider Customization. There is a general consensus here at FFG concerning MotoGP 18. We are not impressed with this racing game. Some have even said the graphics look like a PS2 to possibly PS3 video game. The game play is not that great either.

I did not have much fun playing MotoGP 18. In my professional opinion MotoGP 18 is one of those games that gamers will make fun of. I know Paul did in his Twitch stream. MotoGP 18 feels like an older motorcycle racing game that has been left in the dust in the past. The different weather aspect felt tacked on to me. The intro movie was way too glitchy for my tastes. Expect to read a full review of this motorcycle racing game in an upcoming issue of the always amazing Family Friendly Gaming magazine, and e-magazine. Until then save your money for something important - like maybe a donation to Family Friendly Gaming.
- Frank


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