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NBA 2K19  


NBA 2K19 is the poster child for what is currently wrong with the entire video game industry. The PR and Marketing people for this game failed us. The ESRB failed us. The game itself is way too online heavy. There are a few good things to talk about. All of those statements are true. NBA 2K19 is contributing to the decline of the video game industry as a whole. Really how many improvements can be put into a game when they release it every single year? They are also releasing updates throughout the year to fix the glitches. Expect a full review to appear in an upcoming issue of the Family Friendly Gaming magazine.

The modes in NBA 2K19 are Play Now, 2KU, Black Top, My Career, My League, My GM, My League Online, Start Today, Season, Playoffs, and Connect. We can play current, classic, or all time teams. The installationt took forever, and then there was a long update. After that I sat through a long loading screen. NBA 2K19 is a huge video game in terms of gigs. NBA 2K19 can be found on the Nintendo Switch, Personal Computer (PC), Playstation 4 (PS4), and Xbox One (XBONE). NBA 2K19 is one of those games that drops in price quickly, and continues to drop. The best time to buy this sports game is when the next one is about ready to release. We like to try and save you money here at Family Friendly Gaming.

NBA 2K19 looks good, and the announcers are great. The offensive music can be turned off one song at a time. I did not find a way to remove the enticement to lust or sexual content with the cheerleaders. By the way how did the ESRB miss all of this bad content? Are they just bought off like too much of the gaming media? Where are all the investigative journalists? Why aren't more gaming media outlets thinking critically and pointing out these important facts? Why don't more gamers expect more from the gaming media outlets?
- Paul


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