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WWE 2K19  


Out of all the WWE video games in recent years I like WWE 2K19 the least. This is certainly the case for all of the WWE video games on the PS4 and Xbox One. WWE 2K19 does not fix the problems and adds more. Why do they have to make things so complicated? Why is the reversal system still overpowered? The ladder matches are still absolutely horrible. Does the developer and publisher listen? Or do they just pay off gaming sites to give them good reviews? Expect a full review to appear in an upcoming issue of the always expensive, always amazing, and always awesome Family Friendly Gaming magazine. SPOILER ALERT! I do not recommend families purchase WWE 2K19 on the PC, PS4, or Xbox One.

The modes in WWE 2K19 are WWE, 2K Central, Showcase, 2K Towers, Play, Any Player, WWE Universe, WWE Creations, WWE Community Creations, WWE Online, My WWE, Options, and Store. There are a decent variety of matches in WWE 2K19. War Games is not in WWE 2K19 either. When will that match arrive? The lack of competition continues to hurt this series. WWE 2K19 never really feels like wrestling. It did not feel like a fighting game either. Getting in and out of the ring is now a complete pain. How much more can they break before fans have had enough? Thanks to your donations, advertisements, and sponsorships Family Friendly Gaming is able to purchase games like WWE 2K19 since we took a hard line against the swamp of corruption in this industry. Without your financial support we can no longer do this. Prayerfully consider supporting Family Friendly Gaming today.
- Frank


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