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Bright Paw 


Did you catch the sponsored videos I did of Bright Paw that were premiered on our YouTube channel? If you missed them please click here. I want to be clear we were paid to do videos of this game, not a review. I decided to do a review after being so impressed with this downloadable puzzle video game on the PC and Nintendo Switch. I played this game on both systems. I spent more time on the Nintendo Switch so listed it as the system tested on. I also enjoyed the experience on the Nintendo Switch much more. Bright Paw is published by Rogue Games. The developer for Bright Paw is Radical Forge.

Bright Paw is a turn based video game where we pick which cards we will use to move. One may have us wait, another move two spaces forward, and many more. The key to Bright Paw is finding the right way to get through a level picking the cards in the right order. Levels get more challenging as the game throws different things at us. For example there might be conveyor belts that move the player in a certain direction. I loved the train level in Bright Paw. Expect a full review of Bright Paw to appear in an upcoming issue of the always amazing Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine.
- Paul


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