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1,2 Blame 


Did you catch the live stream of 1,2 Blame? We did a collaboration with Christ Centered Gamer on that video game. CCGR also gave us a free code to play 1,2 Blame on Steam. They had been given three codes and Cheryl, Jay and myself played this game on the PC. 1,2 Blame is also on Android and iOS. 1,2 Blame is a free app on the mobile platforms. 1,2 Blame is a lot like Among Us. Players are assigned roles in 1,2 Blame. You are a killer, accomplice or an agent. Agents must find clues to try and unmask the killer. The killers and accomplices must go around disposing of all of the agents. 1,2 Blame is published and developed by Noxfall Studios. 1,2 Blame is for players nine years old and older only.

1,2 Blame can be played it public, and private modes. There is a hide and seek video game mode in 1,2 Blame as well. The controls are generally good. I hated having to hit a button to fire, and open doors. The mouse can go over to a door and open it by clicking that button on screen. I would prefer to be able to click the door once or twice to make it open. Voting takes place when someone reports a dead body. The players that are left alive can then decide to kill the suspect or imprison them. That is if you are not sure if the character is the murderer or not. If I was not sure I went for imprisonment. No need to kill off the wrong person if you know what I mean. Expect a full review of 1,2 Blame in an upcoming issue of the always amazing Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine.
- Paul


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