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Tangled Before Ever After




Tangled Before Ever After 


I am thankful Disney sent Family Friendly Gaming a copy of Tangled Before Ever After on DVD. This movie comes with a free exclusive replica of Rapunzel's Journal. Tangled Before Ever After takes place right after the movie. We learn how life has changed for her as she is about to receive her coronation to be an official princess. She has to deal with security, etiquette and more.

It takes fifty seven minutes to watch Tangled Before Ever After. There are also four tangled shorts included on the disc. Those animated shorts are Checkmate, Prison Bake, Make Me Smile, and Hare Peace. There is some definite humor in Tangled Before Ever After, and the four shorts. Expect music and singing in Tangled Before Ever After too. I liked some of the songs on this DVD.

Tangled Before Ever After deals with some deep issues. Eugene wants to marry the barefoot princess and he realizes how good they have it in the castle. To Rapunzel it is just another prison. A nicer one than before but a prison all the same. Rapunzel wants adventure instead of responsibility. It is a shame some people decide to follow their own selfish way instead of the path that will lead to real happiness.

Families can expect to find some action, adventure, peril, mild violence, magic, disobedient children, lying, animation not as good as the original movie, long hair comes back, and more. The king is a really good character in Tangled Before Ever After. He wants to keep his daughter safe. Eugene is so abused by Rapunzel in Tangled Before Ever After. I can not believe Rapunzel is so mean to him, and only thinks of herself.

The animal characters return in Tangled Before Ever After. They are not as funny as they were before. They do have their moments in Tangled Before Ever After. I enjoyed this movie even though parts of it felt rushed. I loved the ending because it leaves the door open to a sequel, or series. Tangled Before Ever After straddles the fence on responsibility versus adventure.
- Yolanda


Video: 79%
Audio: 86%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Functionality: 85%
Family Friendly Factor: 81%

System: DVD
Publisher: Disney
Developer: Disney
Rating: ‘TV-Y7’ - Specifically Designed for Children Seven Years of Age or Older
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