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Pirates All Aboard




Pirates All Aboard 


Family Friendly Gaming was recently given a digital download code for Pirates All Aboard on the Nintendo Switch. It came from Qubic Games. They have released some interesting titles in the past. Pirates All Aboard is about ships and blowing them out of the water. I know some of ya'll might immediately think of Sea of Thieves. Pirates All Aboard is much smaller scale.

Pirates All Aboard contains a Practice Mode, Multiplayer, Endless Mode, and the Controls. Under the Multiplayer we have Death Match and Last Man Standing. The multiplayer modes in Pirates All Aboard are for two to four players. There are seven maps in Pirates All Aboard and multiple different kinds of ships that can be used. Some are smaller and faster. Whereas others are bigger and have more cannons.

The indie graphics in Pirates All Aboard look good. I was a bit perplexed when I first started playing Pirates All Aboard. I was sailing around these islands in a decently sized area. There are limitations on where you can go in Pirates All Aboard. I found ships, shot them, and sank them. Then I went over and collected some kind of a coin. Later I found there are different drops throughout the game.

The music in Pirates All Aboard is a bit odd. I think it is going for that pirate theme. At times it hit, and at times it was a miss. At least for me. Pirates All Aboard is more of a party game in my opinion. The single player experience is not as exciting or interesting as playing with others. I wish there had been more of a single player experience though. I could not always find someone else to play with.

The controls in Pirates All Aboard work well. I preferred using a larger ship which meant tight turns were not going to happen. I did line myself up to shoot from the sides. That felt weird at first - turning my side toward the other ship and letting all those cannon balls go. Once I got used to it I was sinking all kinds of ships. Pirates All Aboard does contain violent content.
- Paul


Graphics: 55%
Sounds: 70%
Replay/Extras: 60%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%

System: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Qubic Games
Developer: Qubic Games
Rating: ‘E’ for Everyone SIX and OLDER ONLY {Mild Fantasy Violence}
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