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I had to look up the definition of Anagrams before writing this review. There are toxic haters out there that expect us to know everything about everything. We are not God people. We are human and we are capable of making mistakes, and so are you. An anagram is where you take a word or phrase and re-arrange the letters into a different word or phrase. Anagrams on Steam gives us part of that. I will explain more later in this review.

I am very thankful we were given a digital download for Anagrams on the Personal Computer (PC). We played Anagrams on the Steam portal. There are over 1,400 puzzles in Anagrams. We take one half of a letter and match it with the other half. Each letter has its own color and once we get a full bar for each of the colors we have completed that level. Well sort of. We then must take all of the letters and arrange them into a word. We know the theme like food and drink for example.

Anagrams has us arrange letters into a word. That is the part of what we get from the real definition of the word from the dictionary. Early on it was easy to figure out the word. Later in Anagrams I had some issues with no idea what I was trying to spell. I would fumble around until something was accepted by the game or I used a hint. There are some tools in Anagrams that will help us with the letter matching. The assistance with the word creation is very helpful.

Anagrams has subtle music that goes along with the minimalistic graphics. I like the colors used in Anagrams. We are also given a score on every single level in Anagrams. As we play Anagrams we unlock keys which allow us to unlock additional puzzles and modes. The modes in Anagrams are Classic, Zen, Blitz and Free. I prefer modes like Classic and Zen personally. I am not into racing against the clock.

Certain tiles will give us additional tools to use in Anagrams. Say you used the re-sort once and it helped a lot. If you can match a tile with the re-sort on it then you can get another one. In terms of memory Anagrams is under two hundred megs so it will not eat up a lot of space. I enjoyed my time with Anagrams. I would get all relaxed while playing Anagrams and then stressed out when I could not find a match. I hope Anagrams comes to the consoles.
- Paul


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 75%
Replay/Extras: 100%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%

System: Personal Computer
Publisher: Hero Game Co
Developer: Hero Game Co
Rating: ‘NR’ – Not Rated

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